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Amazing research is being released daily about what patients can do to optimize health, reduce risks associated with diseases and even how to prevent worrisome health issues. Almost 70% of Americans take supplements, hoping to implement their health and quality of life. However, many watchdog firms question the quality, purity and ethics of more than half of all supplements on the market.


Optimum Therapeutic Solutions (OTS) is committed to a science first approach and philosophy. Our products are developed utilizing research from evidence-based, peer reviewed journals and internationally recognized experts.

Optimum Therapeutic Solutions delivers only highly effective, professional grade supplements. To achieve these goals, OTS adheres to these standards:

  • Research based formulas at therapeutic dosages
  • Quality assured raw material ingredients (tested for potency and contaminants)
  • Manufactured in facilities that are fully compliant with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP’s), FDA, NSF, TGA, NPA
  • Finished product testing to ensure potency and efficacy read more?…(Certificates of Analysis for every completed lot)

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